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Our Commitment to Upgrades

We have a continuing commitment to making MAJOR ANNUAL upgrades and improvements, unlike most Resorts in our area.  Below are photos of that begin with 2015's newest renovations with photos of each of our other years below those that all the many major upgrades we have done. 

  We want you to know all the projects we have completed to demonstrate that we meet our commitments to improve the quality of our guests' experience and spend substantial funds each year on upgrades.  We hope you take the time to scroll down and see them all.

Painting & Exterior Repairs of MB Hall  

  We have just begun our 2016 summer project, which is the repair and painting of the exterior of the MB Hall.  At over 20,000 S.F., this is a very large project. While we hope to get the project completed before next season, due to the scope of the project, we may not reach full completion until 2017.  It will depend upon the weather and other maintenance projects we have to do in the off-season, which are many.  Stay tuned for photos, which we will post when we get them.

New Entrance Landscaping &   
New Entrance Resort Crossing

Our 2015 upgrades includes the completion of the Resort entrance and crossing into the Resort, a project costing over $25,000.  This new, beautiful entrance includes over 800' of water pipe, nearly 100 plants, bushes and flowers and a smooth, fully redone and repaved entrance.  We are very proud of the way it turned out.  We cannot wait for the plants to grow to full height.  Our entrance is now comfortable and beautiful too!

New Maintenance Shed Roof & Update 

  While not a glamorous update, it is a very necessary and expensive upgrade nonetheless.  Our commitment is to upgrade all areas of the Resort, not just the fun ones.  The new metal roof and exterior restoration on this 1200 SF building not only complements the area but it keeps all our maintenance items clean and dry that help us keep the Resort looking spic and span.

East Side Pool Area Remodeled 

   Our first 2014 summer upgrade of 2014 summer an upgrade of the East side pool area.  We have completely relined the pool and spa.  We also built a beautiful palapa, which is built to last and has a metal roof.  This new addition will help us keep the pool area cleaner and provide lots of shade for parties and enjoying the warm weather.  Finally, we painted the wrought iron fence and block wall and the pool deck.  It all looks just great.  Continue to scroll down to see our other 2014 summer upgrades and all the major upgrades we have done over the last few years.  Our Resort is in tip-top condition and a very good value for all that is offered.

New Dryers For The West Laundry Room

  All new gas dryers were installed for the west side laundry room, which was remodeled two years ago.  The East side got new dryers two years ago also.  If you have to do laundry, this is the place to do it!  

 New Flooring: West Sewing & Quilting Room
A great new addition for our ladies who love to sew and quilt.  Did you know they make dozens of every year?

New Paint In The West Hall Kitchen

We keep our kitchens sparkling clean!

Newly Remodeled West Side
Men's Shower/Bath Rooms

   The men's shower rooms on the Trade Winds side of the Resort were remodeled. Scot and crew did a beautiful job of installing new, tiled shower stalls, new flooring, new wall-mounted toilets, new plumbing, fresh paint and all the other little stuff that goes with a complete remodel.  It looks great.



Newly Remodeled West Side          
Ladies Shower/Restrooms

The finished product is nothing short of fantastic......we have created for your enjoyment another truly first class upgrade to go along with the other major projects we have been completing.  This makes our west side bathroom facilities for our female and male guests unlike any other offered by other RV Parks in the area.  Our bathrooms are rated a #10 by Woodhalls.

Simply terrific.  All new windows, new ceiling, fresh paint and lots of other little details. you will see when you arrive.  The ventilation and light in the room is greatly improved.  It is a great improvement that took some time to complete as we had to order the windows specially to fit and finish the attention to detail our customers are used to experiencing. We love the result. What a great way to make an household chore into a pleasant experience. 



New "People Park" & Premium Park Model & Mini Mobile Sites


Above are photos of our new "People Park" and renovation of the east side outdoor activities area.  We combined several smaller lots to create 7 special sites with sodded rear yards, greater depth and upgraded electricity to complete our mobile home section added 4 years ago.  These lots are perfect for park models and mini-mobiles.  We are sold out!

West Side Upgrades 


    Designer paint colors above on our 10,000 S.F west hall, new landscaping around the entire building along with a drip system.

   Back of the hall, wood shop and maintenance buildings which also got designer colors.  We also added new flags and landscaping at the West Entrance.

  Remodeled west side laundry room, including new paint and flooring.
  Remodeled west side activities area with new Palapa roof, landscaping, four new shuffleboard courts with new fencing & new scoreboards.   All the benches are either new or redone.  

Swimming Pool Area Improvements: the wrought iron fence has been painted along with the pump house and shower area.  The Pool Deck will be painted once again before the 2012/13 season. Please help us keep it nice by not dragging pool chairs, which scratches the surface if one of the rubber feet has fallen off.

New Roofs Throughout Resort
    We put installed new roofs in all Resort areas: 

(1) the 3,500 S.F. Office building, which also houses our east pool hall, business center and exercise room; 

(2) our east side shower/mail/laundry room 2,700 S.F. building;

(3) the west side palapa (the ramada for social gatherings; and

(4) the roof over the small building the housing the east swimming pool shower and electronics for the swimming pool. 

The metal roof on our 20,000 S.F grand recreation and dance hall was re-coated with special materials last January and the roof on our 10,000 S.F. west hall was completely re-roofed two years ago.

East Side Amenities Upgrades

   Lots of landscaping; trimming about 100 palm trees and added some new plants, 99 bushes with a drip system along the fence near the horse shoe pits in the east recreation area, also with a drip system. 


Resort Entrance Redesign


    Remodeled Office, laundry, shower and mail rooms, including new paint and 6,000 SF of new, raised roofs.

Garden & Fountain Area Redesign

   New Painting on the pillars and picnic benches leading to the East Pool. The swimming pool wall, wrought iron fencing and out buildings in the swimming pool area were also painted.  All benches throughout the Resort have been painted and refurbished. Even the shuffleboard signs are painted.  

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