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Our Top Rated Staff!

    We are proud to introduce our Mission Bell-Trade Winds staff to you.  Our staff is ranked as the most friendly and helpful of any in the Rio Grande Valley.  Anyone who calls our office or who stays with us can vouch for that.  They pride themselves in offering excellent customer service and they deliver.  We could not ask for a better crew to help serve our customers.  Our staff is well known throughout the Rio Grande Valley for giving excellent customer service to all our guests.

   Scot and Cynthia Swafford

    Almost everyone in the Resort knows these two hardworking happy faces.  Cynthia and Scot have worked and lived at our Resort for six years.  This will be their sixth season as our Resort managers.  They love the Resort, our residents and south Texas.  Like many of you, they have chosen South Texas as their home.  We are so pleased to have such a dedicated couple to work with us as our managers.  They return for their second year as managers for the 2010-2011 season.

    They are truly extraordinary people.  Nobody on our staff works harder or knows more about our Resort than these two.  They know our Resort inside and out, having worked on everything from the pools, electricity, water sewer over the last two years.  The quality of their work is excellent.  Their dedication to our Resort and customers is unsurpassed. 

   Both have extensive business experience.  Scot is a former banker and farmer.  Cynthia worked in the restaurant industry out of college serving as an assistant manager for a major restaurant chain.  She later became a probation officer.  After that, she began working for her church organizing charity events and assisting with their computers and financial statements. 

    Originally from Kansas, they moved to South Texas to minister to the poor in Mexico, which they do on a regular basis.  Each Wednesday, they travel into Mexico with food and essentials for a poor communities.  We commend them for their service and are very pleased to have them as part of our team.  We could not find a nicer or more capable couple to serve your needs.
  as a fun and quirky sense of humor.  He likes to stay busy fishing and playing horseshoes.  They both enjoy traveling and seeing new parts of the country.  We are very pleased to have them join our team.


   Welcome Jim and Shirley Maxon! They are a great addition to our park. Shirley works in the office with Cynthia Tuesday through Saturday.  Jim, as he says, does his best to keep up with Scot in maintenance!  I loved Jim's message to all of you so much that I wanted to post it for you just like he gave it to me.    When you read it, you will see why we are so very pleased they have joined our team.  Join me in giving them a hearty welcome when you see them.

From Us to You:

Warm Weather, Great Folks and Ready To Party… That’s what brought me, Shirley and our little Yorkie,  Issie,  to the beautiful facilities of Mission Bell/Trade Winds RV Resorts.  Having been on the road doing Work Camping or Christian Mission work for the past eight years, hanging out here feels like home.   When asking Shirley what our hobbies could be she stated,“Napping” in the afternoon would be mine; her’s, on the other hand, would be walking 8 miles, which came from supporting our 9 children during our 38 years of marriage.  We are excited to be here and get in the grove.  So stop by the office and tell Shirley hi and you’ll see me trying to keep up with Scot.

Jim Maxson

Esperanza "Hope" Gomez  

   Hope Gomez has been with us in housekeeping for over 19 years.  She is loved by our residents for her friendly and outgoing personality.  Hope is single (but taken).  She has a close family and enjoys spending time with her mom and sister.  She also loves to dance.  She is bilingual and is a great help to us when we need a little help with our Spanish.  We appreciate her hard work and dedication over the years. We are pleased to have her as part of our permanent staff.

                   Javier Ramos
(Senior  Maintenance)

  Javier is our senior maintenance man and grounds keeper.  He has been with us for over 10 years. He is married and has  two boys and a girl.  His boys are grown and his daughter attends Sharyland high school.  He has two grandchildren.   He does so much for our Resort. He is very reliable and keeps our grounds looking ship-shape. Javier is the one you can thank for taking excellent care of our salt water pools and keeping them sparkling clean.  We are glad he is back with us for another year. 

      Jesus Javier  Ramos "J.R." 

  J.R. is our "Junior" maintenance man; no pun intended. J.R. is Javier's son.  We have affectionately nicknamed Jesus "J.R." to cut down on confusion.   J.R. is beginning his fourth year at  the Resort and is a very hard worker. He is married and has a son and a daughter.  

       Audrey Fedders
         (Activities Director

   Audrey is our returning Resort Activities Director.  For the past 5 years, Audrey has been the  "Quarterback" of our team because she makes sure all of you have a good time.   Audrey is creative and full of activity ideas.   She gets everyone "moving" and involved at the Resort.    Her good nature infects everyone around her.   One of the best things any resident can do is volunteer a little of their time to work in activities with Audrey.  Her office is located on the Trade Winds section of the Resort.  

  Audrey and her husband, Mike, have been involved in the Resort since first coming 9 years ago.    They have been married since they were "kids" and are two of the nicest and hardest working people you will ever meet.  Mike helps out a lot as he and Audrey also put up your mail during the season.   Being around Mike and Audrey is like having a ray of sun shining directly on you.

  She and Mike are two of our most popular residents, along with their relatives, that they brought along with them.  We could not have found a more perfect activity director than Audrey and our residents agree.  Audrey completes our permanent staff perfectly.  She is the most friendly and energetic activities director in the entire area.  We just cannot say enough nice things about her.  When you meet her, you will soon see why.

   Meet Our 2014/15 Workamping Crew

We have a great, fun-loving group of work campers this season.  In addition to our regular staff above, we have added the ADDITIONAL 22 people below to make sure you receive exemplary service and have an extraordinary experience while staying with us.  Not only are we number one in activities and facilities in the RGV, but we hire more staff to assist you per resident than other area RV Parks.  Please join us in making our work camper team feel welcome this season.

Working With Activities Director Audrey Fedders and husband Mike this season are
Tom & Cindy Inskeep, Ron & Carol Harmon, Wally & Julie Gazdzik, and Dave & Brenda Hartman.

Linda Reece is our office workamper this year.  She hails from South Dakota.

   Our very fun and friendly park host couple for this season is Carol and Don Belanger.  They are ready to help you. and answer your questions about the Resort and the area.

Jerry & Bobbie Berg are back again this year to work in pool maintenance.  They will help keep our pool and shower areas clean and our salt water system working perfectly.

Gene & Janet Flatbo and Judy & Jim Nelson are helping out this year in helping to keep our grounds spic and span along with our regular, year around staff of Javior and JR Ramos.

Above is our very special housekeeping crew. Welcome back Dann & Pat Rasmussen & Jack & Kathi Salome, who are a great help to our regular, full time staff.  They all help keep our shower rooms and restrooms sparkling clean each and everyday.

Welcome back some old faces and meet some new ones who provide extra maintenance help during the season at our Resort: Mike Stevens, Anthony Neilhouse, Mike Griffin.

It is nice to have as our park hosts Joyce and Jim Sheeler.
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