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Location; Location; Location.  Our Resort is located in one of the finest residential neighborhoods in the City of Mission.  It is no wonder that there are 5 inexpensive but nice golf courses within 10 minutes of us, including one that you can drive your golf cart to if you want.  Needless to say, golf is a big activity at our Resort.  We have over 40 golfers (and it is closer to 60 if you count everyone) in our two weekly golfing groups.  We have a West (TW) and an East  (MB) group that have a ton of fun golfing various courses near us.  You can golf with one or both.    The schedule to play up to 4 days a week is below; but don't worry, you can play 7 days if you want because someone's group or another is always on the courses near us.  However, we have so many other fun activities going on at the Resort that 4 days or organized golf might just be enough for you!

Our 2011 WTAA Champs:
Best Ball-

  Congratulations to our Mission Bell Team of Golfers above, Gary Hopper, George Lloyd, Jim Gosselin and Gale Gordon for winning the Winter Texan Activities Association's 10th Annual "Best Ball 4-Person Scramble Golf Tournament.  The Tournament was held at Meadow Creek On Saturday, January 15, 2011.  Our Mission Bell Team won the tournament with a score of 7 under 63.  They were awarded the "Traveling" Plaque in the photo.  Each team member also receive a jacket with the WTAA Logo on it.

Congratulations Anita Gage!
On A "Hole-in-One"
 At Palmview on March 4, 2011. Helping Anita Celebrate is Kathy  & Jim Simon, Norma & Gordon Miller, and Bob Doughty

          Our Golf Schedule                           

  Monday (MB)  9 or 18 holes

Shary Municipal Golf Course   1:00 pm  Hosts: Leroy & Shirley McBain

Tuesday (TW)  9 holes

 Martin Valley    9:30 am    Host: Gord Miller  

Thursday (MB)  9 holes

 Martin Valley     1:00 pm    Host:  Richard & Sheryl Meints  

Friday  (TW  9 holes

Palm View   2:00 pm  Host: Gord Miller

Sign-up Sheets Are Posted in the East (MB) and West (TW) Halls For Anyone Interested In Participating In Any of the Golf Outings 


Our men's and women's golf groups enjoy fellowship and fun up to 5 times a week at one of 5 golf courses within 10 minutes of our Resort.  Our central location makes us one of the best values in the Rio Grande Valley for RV'ers looking for plenty of inexpensive golf.  We have men’s and women’s groups that play separately and in mixed foursomes, depending on the day and the number of golfers.            

Our golf clubs are fun and have a competitive spirit.  They meet for social hour (our 19th hole) with golfing and non-golfing spouses alike, several times a week after a hearty round of golf. Above is our East Hall (MB) group enjoying  their regular Thursday potluck after golf.  During this social hour, they announce prize winners for games like:  Closest to the Pin; Least Amount of Putts; and Low Score (for 18 and 9 holes) for both men and women. You won't find a more fun group of golfers in the entire Rio Grande Valley region of south Texas. 

    Above is our West Hall golf group having their annual golf picnic.  No matter how many or few days you choose to play golf, there is always a friendly group of golfers at our Resort you can join.  They have a blast.

    When rated on a scale of excellent (tournament players courses), Good, Medium and Poor, we unofficially rate the courses in our area as “good plus” to medium.  We have no poor courses near us.  The courses near us are playable for almost every golfer.  The terrain ranges from flat to slightly hilly for a bit more challenge.  All are walkable for most golfers.  Best of all, green fees are a steal, ranging between $20 (without a cart) and $40 (with cart) for 18 holes.  No other RV or Mobile Home Park can boast a better location than ours for fun on the greens.  We are tops in Mission and the gulf coast region of southern Texas.

Shary Municipal Golf Course


2201 N. Mayberry St.  Mission, TX  956-580-8770

Par: 70

Length: 6,025 Yards

Green Fees: 18 holes ($20 plus $11 for cart); 9 holes ($15 plus $6 for cart); Afternoon Special after 2:30 PM: $15 for 9 holes and it includes the cart

 Shary Municipal is so close you can drive your golf cart to it from our Resort.  This 18-hole course is “cart-optional” is 6025 yards with a par of 70.  It has a flat and walkable terrain suitable for golfers of every level.  Shary has a bar and grill for your enjoyment when your game is over.  In terms of maintenance, on a rating scale of very good, medium and poor, Shary ranks as a medium.  It is a favorite of our golfers as it offers one of the least expensive in the area and is very close by.  Our golf club visits Shary at least once a week.

Meadow Creek Golf Course


 Above Having A Great Day is J. Pogue, B. Fedders, J. Masson & B. Doiron

1300 circle Dr. Mission TX 956-581-6727

Par:  70

Length: 6,059 yards

Green Fees:  18 holes ($32, which includes ½ a cart); The course also offers specials through the Pro Shop and to our Golf Clubs, depending on the day of the week and time of day.

    Seven Oaks is about a 10 minute drive to the west of our Resort.  The course is ranked “good” in terms of maintenance by our golfers.  It has a slightly hilly terrain for a little more challenge.  It another favorite of our golfers and one of the courses our golf club visits weekly.  Our golf club is treated very well at this course and it is often given specials because we usually have at least 20 golfers in our group.

Martin Valley Golf Course

7607 Hole in One Drive Mission TX 956-688-3444

Par: 72

Length: 5,928 yards

Green Fees: 18 holes ($31.95 includes cart); 9 holes $22.85 (includes cart)

    Martin Valley is an 18-hole course rated “medium” in terms of maintenance by our golfers.  It is a slightly hilly course but walkable by most golfers.  It plays a little easier than Shary or Seven Oaks.  It is about a 10 minute drive to the West of our Resort.  Although not quite as well maintained as Shary or Seven Oaks, it offers a good value.  Some members of our golf club visit Martin Valley once a week for variety.

Palm View Golf Course

Above is the West Hall (TW) golf group.  Mike Seymour, in the middle, sinks a putt to win the game.  Jim Simon lines up on the left, winning the longest putt.

2701 S. Ware Rd.  McAllen TX 956-688-3444

Par: 72

Length: 5,799 yards

Green Fees:  18 holes ($39.95, includes cart; $33 w/ coupon) and after 2:00 PM $28.25, includes cart.

    This is the City of McAllen's Municipal course and is located less than 10 minutes from our Resort.  Palm View is walkable, but slightly hilly.  It is more challenging than either Martin Valley or Shary Municipal.  It is also slightly better maintained, giving it our rating of "medium+."  It is a nice course.

The Club at Cimarron

1200 S. Shary Rd. Mission, TX 956-802-2904

Par: 72

Length:  6,134 yards

Green Fees:  Varies by date and time of day.  Please call

    Cimarron is a very nice private non-equity course that accepts public play.  It is about 5 minutes from our Resort surrounded by very expensive homes.  It is slightly hilly but walkable. Quality is good+ in terms of maintenance.  At this writing, green fees for the season were not yet set.  While not as inexpensive as the above courses, it is still very affordable.  You also can get some great specials depending on the day, time of year and time.  You should definitely try out this course.

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